Virtual Meeting FAQs

I have no idea how to find a way to do a virtual meeting? Where do I start to look?
Go to the internet and type in “teleconferencing” or “conference calls,” or refer to the virtual meeting tools webpage.

If there is no election because school is closed, does the current board roll over to the next school year?
Yes. According to the Bylaws, the current officers serve until their successors are elected.

Is it mandatory that we hold a virtual Membership Meeting?

Is it ok to post the documents for the meeting on our website and social media?
No. Minutes are read only to the body creating them, i.e., Executive Board minutes are for the Executive Board to approve and membership meeting minutes are for the membership to approve. Minutes protect the association and its dues-paying members. Unless password-protected, do not post on websites. Do not publish in newsletters or post on doors for non-members to access.

How do we handle translation of a virtual meeting?
See if the application or tool you are using has a translation option. Test it before the meeting. If it does not offer that option, find someone from the school community who can do translation. The translator(s) would need to be on the actual call, translating in real time. Prior to the event make sure that person knows the order of what is happening during the meeting and work out how the translation process will work during the call. It is very important to make all our parents feel included.

What if we do not get quorum?
A PTA must have quorum in order to conduct any business in a virtual meeting.

Can a meeting include something not listed on the agenda?
As this is not a Special Meeting, as defined by your Bylaws, business not listed on the agenda can be discussed and voted on.

Do we need a majority or two-thirds for adoption of motions?
Check your Bylaws to determine whether the item being voted on requires a majority or two-thirds vote for adoption.

Do all votes require a ballot?
No. Elections will require a ballot for all contested offices. All other votes may be voice votes as long as you can easily tell the prevailing side.

If a position is contested, do I have to wait for the ballots to be counted or can I move on?
Elections must be held one office at a time and, if contested, you must wait until the voting results have been announced before moving to the next officer.

How will members know the qualifications of each candidate in a contested election?
If a position is contested, each candidate must have 2 minutes to talk about their qualifications.

How can we make voting anonymous?
A sample has been provided on the virtual meeting tools webpage.

If a slated candidate is not a member, how do they attend the meeting?
Slated candidates or someone that may be nominated from the floor may attend as an approved guest but shall not vote if they are not a member.

Our Nominating Committee posted the slate already. How do we run our election now?
The slate of officers must be posted at least 7 days prior to the virtual election meeting. If not, all candidates must run from the floor.

Our Nominating Committee did not finish their work. How do we get candidates?
The Executive Board must vote on one of the following options: a) only accept notice of intent to run from the floor, up to 5 days prior to the meeting, or b) allow candidates wishing to run from the floor to state that intention in the meeting, or c) both.

How do we collect votes?
A ballot, including all candidates for that position, must be emailed (for viewing purposes only, you must use electronic tools to vote), to members in attendance at your virtual election meeting, after all candidates finish speaking. Take care to send the ballot to members only and not any candidates who are not yet members. Voting must stay open for 2 minutes. A teller must make sure the number of votes cast is not more than the number of attendees.

What if we have a tie?
If voting results in a tie, you must reballot (create a copy of your form in advance just in case).

Financial Transactions, Reconciliations, and Tax FAQs 

Is it ok to present our financials at this virtual meeting?
The Bylaws require that the Treasurer present the financial report at membership meetings, Executive Board meetings, and other times when requested by the Executive Board or the members. As the procedures above include verifying membership, you may present the financial report during virtual Executive Board and membership meetings. Remember not to post your financials on your social media channels or on a website that does not have a password protected membership section.

During this quarantine, it is impossible for our Treasurer to obtain two signatures on our checks. What can we do in order to pay people in a timely manner? Schedule a “drive by” meeting; or in person meeting, keeping safe distances.

What do we do with donated items now that we can no longer have the event they were donated for (like a silent auction)?
If the donations were solicited specifically for a canceled event and not as a general donation to the PTA, the PTA would need to contact the donors and ask them what they would like you to do with the donations. You should make the request via email so that you have written proof of the decision from the donor. If they give you permission to keep the donations, then you should vote as an association on how to use those items throughout the remainder of the fiscal year, or hold on to those donations so that the 2020-2021 membership can vote on how to use those items.

How do we form our Financial Reconciliation Committee?
According to your Bylaws you can appoint a Financial Review/Audit Committee at an Executive Board Meeting. More information will be forthcoming on how to conduct your reconciliation should social distancing restrictions continue into the summer months.