Membership is year-round! Schedule a membership drive in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!  Remember the reason we joined the PTA and WHY we are still here.  Over 125 years ago, seeds of an oak tree were planted by three amazing women, and today the roots and branches are stronger and the leaves are greener than ever!

Help us grow our PTA tree by adding branches, which represent local units, and leaves that represent our members.

Let’s make the Florida PTA tree the fullest tree in National PTA. #FLPTAGrows

State/National Dues Payment Form 

Please note:  Membership dues are sent monthly, as collected, to the state office.  If you sell memberships in August, you submit those dues before the end of the next month, after your PTA balances its dues collected (Membership Chair/Treasurer).   If you sell 30 memberships in August, you pay for those 30 memberships ($3.50 per member) in August.   The next month, when you sell memberships, you only send in new memberships sold during the month (do not submit for the previous memberships sent to the state office).   If you have a month that new memberships are not sold, you do not have to report “no dues” collected to the state office.