All Children are Our Children…this theme is a reminder that, just by joining PTA, you are adding your voice to advocacy efforts on behalf of all children, helping your local PTA and sending a strong message that you support children and families.

PTA is a membership association and anyone can join by paying dues to a local unit, through the school, community or statewide PTA.  Only members have voting privileges.  When you join a local PTA unit, you are automatically a member of Florida PTA and National PTA.

Looking for new ideas to increase PTA membership at your school? How about ways to engage students or teachers in PTA? Check out the ideas and resources.  If you have an idea/resource, send it to

For a look at National PTA’s 2021 Membership campaign, including a full toolkit of graphics and text, please visit their website. 

125 Ways to Increase Membership

Are you looking for ideas on how to engage your school community to grow membership? In celebration of the National PTA’s upcoming 125th anniversary, check out the new 125 Ways to Increase Membership resource. There are many ideas for both in-person and virtual ways to increase membership.

Even though registration is now closed, local PTA leaders can still play along! Click here to visit the 125 Days of Membership webpage to find out how.

New Local PTA Membership Resources!

National PTA wants to make things easy for local PTA leaders and help support a positive PTA membership experience. Since the number one reason why people do not join PTA is that they are never asked, we’ve developed a suite of customizable templates (under the Market Your PTA section of the Membership Recruitment Resources webpage) to help local PTAs ask their community to join PTA using the PTA Membership Campaign. The recruitment letters are branded for PTAs and PTSAs. They will be translated into Spanish in the coming weeks.
More resources can be found at: