There are many fundraising companies available to your local PTA unit.  Many of these companies attend the Florida PTA Leadership Convention, where you can meet with them to discuss all options available to you, if you select them as your fundraising company.  Remember one board cannot encumber another board to any contract.

When developing or updating the budget, use the 3-to-1 Rule:  There should be at least three non-fundraising programs aimed at improving the educational experience, helping parents or children, or advocating for school improvements, for every one fundraiser.

For every ONE fundraiser budgeted in the income section, there should be at least THREE non-fundraising programs and projects budgeted in the expense section. This doesn’t mean you have to spend the receipts from that fundraiser on these three programs.

We strongly recommended you visit the Programs page on the National PTA website for ideas of programs that are available with minimal or no cost.​


Go Fund Me Accounts 

PTAs are allowed to have a Go Fund Me account.  Please remember that all fundraising is approved by the membership of your PTA.  All funds raised, should be included in the budget.

Before opening a Go Fund Me account, the following should be approved, by the Board of Directors, and information included in the local unit Board Meeting Minutes:

1 – Specific purpose for fundraising;

2 – Who will have access to the account (should be Treasurer and President);

3 – Who will transfer funds from account to PTA bank account;

4 – Review of transactions, by a non-account signer.