Florida PTA has partnered with MemberHub/Givebacks!

What is MemberHub/Givebacks?
MemberHub/Givebacks is an online tool designed to help you run your PTA, and we’re providing it to all local units, councils, and districts free of charge! MemberHub/Givebacks is valued at $1,200 per year for PTOs and other membership organizations, but because MemberHub/Givebacks & the Florida PTA want to further the PTA mission through technology, we’ve teamed up to provide MemberHub/Givebacks to you free of charge.
MemberHub/Givebacks makes it easier to run the PTA — engaging families, raising funds, and staying in good standing.
Here are MemberHub/Giveback’s most popular features:
  • Get your own e-store. Sell PTA memberships (including custom and bundled memberships) and raise funds — all in your e-store.
  • Raise more funds and keep them in your school. You get your own fundraising channel in MemberHub/Givebacks. It’s simple: Send PTA emails to your families, and local businesses sponsor the emails. Learn more.
  • Engage families. MemberHub/Giveback’s communication tools, calendars, signups, file-sharing, and directories help you keep families in the loop.
  • Easily stay in good standing. Your free account automates dues remittance, membership reporting & state PTA compliance. *Please note:  once you upload your compliance documents to MemberHub/Givebacks, you still must submit them to Florida PTA using this email:  compliance@floridapta.org*
If you have questions about MemberHub/Givebacks, please contact info@floridapta.org.  We look forward to helping support you. Thanks for all you do for children in Florida!
For a personal meeting with Valerie Licata, our Givebacks rep, please scan the QR code and request a date on her calendar.

Interested in hosting a fundraiser via MemberHub/Givebacks?  Check out this article for easy, helpful tips! 

Helpful Information

*You must use GOOGLE CHROME as your browser on a computer for accessing MemberHub/Givebacks or WePay as an admin to avoid any issues!*

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