When planning a PTA program, remember to take time to:

  • Survey – Identify the priorities of your school community. Survey students, parents, teachers and administrators on what programs are needed and what type of programs would interest and engage them.
  • Brainstorm – Get together to brainstorm ideas on what programs and activities work best for your community, based on feedback from your survey.
  • Timeline – Work backward from the day of your event to create a planning timeline. Plan in advance so your program is included on the school calendar. Check for any scheduling conflicts with other school activities, community events or holidays.
  • Guidelines – Talk to your site administrator about your PTA’s program plans and check to ensure that the program/event is allowed. Review the PTA Insurance Loss & Prevention Guide for red/ yellow/green activities before submitting a facilities-use agreement for the event.
  • Budget – Consider all costs of your program or activity including speakers, food and supplies before setting the budget. Identify a particular fundraiser for the program or event.
  • Sponsors – Contact local businesses to talk about their support or sponsorship for your program with funding or in-kind donations.
  • Volunteers – Recruit lots of volunteers to help with the program or event. That way, volunteers can work in short shifts so everyone has a chance to take part and enjoy the event.
  • Promote – Publicize your program or activity using all media available including fliers, backpack express, campus signs, news releases, PTA newsletters, websites, email blasts and social media.
  • Evaluate – Survey your campus to get feedback on the program or event. Review and talk about what worked well and what might be tweaked to work better next time in terms of scheduling, organization, participation and popularity of the program.
    Download our handy needs-assessment form, action-plan guide and event-planning worksheet to assist your PTA’s planning process.