nationalpta-elearningNational PTA has many great elearing courses to assist you in running your PTA.  Visit their website for more information.

National PTA Awards:

Throughout the year, National PTA offers awards or grants to honor or support PTAs as they: engage families, support student success, improve the health and safety of students and families, increase access to arts education or celebrate advocacy and diversity.  Click here to see how you can apply.  Learn more

National PTA Back-to-School Kit:

The National PTA Back-to-School Kit is the first step in building your child’s future. It contains resources to help PTA leaders serve their communities and manage local units, including: easy-to-use guides for the president, treasurer and membership and programs chairs; membership, fundraising and marketing tools; program and advocacy resources; and special offers from national partners. It’s also completely digital and mobile-friendly.  Click here to obtain yours now!