Florida PTA is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Level All, an innovative online platform supporting families in navigating crucial life decisions.

Level All’s library includes bite-sized videos and articles on vital topics such as achieving high school success, college applications, affording college, career exploration, financial literacy, life skills, and more. Level All’s platform empowers parents and provides resources for their own personal life decisions such as making a career change, pursuing further education, purchasing a car, and much more!

In partnership with local leadership, Level All will host expert-led webinars, Facebook Live events, Q&As, and insights on topics like “Starting College Savings in Elementary School.”

Florida PTA urges local units and county councils to explore this invaluable resource, which is currently valued at $100 per subscriber, per year. Register now and your individual subscription is free for life. Everyone in your family should register for their account! Click this link to set up your account! Once you have set up your account, you can invite your child/children to create their own account. If you have any issues or questions, please refer to their FAQ page or reach out to the Level All team at success@levelall.com.

In addition, Level All’s goal is to provide the platform for free to every student and family in your school community and across the state of Florida. If you believe your student’s school could benefit from Level All, please reach out to them at success@levelall.com.

For partnership opportunities, contact success@levelall.com. For more information, visit LevelAll.com.

Join Level All, the fastest growing college and career readiness platform! Level All supports families navigating all of life’s key decisions with expert-curated, engaging content on topics such as career exploration, affording and saving for college, choosing the best college for you and then crushing your college application, financial literacy, life skills, high school success, and more!

As part of the Florida PTA, you get a FREE Level All membership. Want to learn more and make the most of Level All? 

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