BAWN is leading the grassroots movement to put an amendment on Florida’s 2020 ballot to constitutionally ban the sale of assault weapons. We are on a mission to collect nearly 800,000 signatures so Florida voters can have their voices heard. If you are with us in this fight, download the petition form, print double-sided if possible and follow the instructions below.  Click here to download and sign!

Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Florida PTA advocates each day for the health, safety and welfare of all children.  Florida PTA joined the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, and working together, are meeting with the Governor and other legislators, to help keep our children and families safe.

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Florida Coordinated School Health Partnership

Florida PTA partners with the Florida Department of Health, and the Department of Education, have partnered for over 20 years to promote implementation of a Coordinated School Health (CSH) approach in all Florida Schools. CSH is an effective strategy to assist in the development and enhancement of state, district and school-based infrastructures that protect and maintain student and staff health and support academic achievement.

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Real Talk Florida

Real Talk is a community-led, grassroots coalition created to bring more diverse voices to the table so we can better meet the needs of all Florida students. Florida PTA, the NAACP Florida State Conference, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, LULAC, the Florida Council of Churches and numerous other civil rights, education and community organizations from across the state have banded together to identify and support solutions that help Black, Hispanic, low-income and other underrepresented students succeed in school and beyond.


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More than 100,000 crashes a year involve drivers who are texting, causing life-changing injuries and deaths.i In an effort to make our roads safer, a coalition of law enforcement organizations, businesses and local governments have joined together in support of legislation to stop texting while driving.

Florida took the first step in banning texting while driving in 2013 but now it’s time to strengthen the law. We would like to see the law strengthen by making texting while driving a “primary” offense, which would allow law enforcement officers to pull over motorists for texting behind the wheel. Currently, motorists can only be cited for texting while driving if they are pulled over for other reasons.

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The Florida Afterschool Network strives to provide unified leadership to advocate for the development, enhancement, sustainability, and accessibility of evidenced based high-quality afterschool and summer programs and policies statewide.

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Our nonpartisan coalition is committed to bringing change to Florida that has proven to be more effective for youth and the public.

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