As an organized, chartered local PTA unit in the State of Florida, there are five compliance requirements to continue the affiliation with Florida PTA.
1). Current officers, with a valid email address and home mailing address (the home mailing address is not shared with non-PTA entities)
2). Annual IRS 990 filing
3). Annual Audit (financial review)
4). Membership dues sent monthly as collected, and
5). Bylaws updated within three years.


More information (due dates, etc.) can be found by clicking here. 

Tax Filing Center

Click here for important information on filing your 990 with the IRS.


An Audit (Financial Review) must be completed each year, at the end of the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  Also, if the treasurer changes for your unit, an Audit must be completed.   The approved Audit form can be found here:  2022-23 Florida PTA Audit Form


Bylaws of the PTA determine its structure and provide specific regulations by which its affairs are governed.  The bylaws define or explain the rules under which the PTA functions.  They protect the group from error and guide it to efficient service.

The PTA unit should be careful not to include items that should be in the Standing Rules (guidelines for running your Board), as this makes the Bylaws too cumbersome.

A group, upon organization and before becoming a local unit of the Florida PTA, must adopt bylaws to meet its particular needs and submit the original for approval to the State Office.  Upon approval the original is kept at the State Office and a copy is emailed to the local unit.

The Florida PTA has compiled a Bylaws Form that includes wording required by both Florida PTA and National PTA.  Local PTAs in Florida are required to use the form to be sure that all state/national requirements are included.

For more information on Bylaws, please click here.

Suggestions to Local Bylaws Chairs

  • Each local PTA or PTSA is a self-governing unit, with its structure and regulations prescribed in bylaws that the members have adopted.
  • Bylaws may not be suspended, even by unanimous vote.
  • Bylaws chairs should be informed regarding local, state and national bylaws.  A copy of your local unit bylaws may be obtained from the state office by filling out this form.
  • Bylaws chairs should distribute copies of the approved local unit bylaws to each board member.
  • Three copies of your bylaws should be on hand at all times – one with the president, one in the secretary’s permanent record book and one on file at the school.
  • Local unit bylaws should be reviewed every year, and at a minimum, SENT TO THE FLORIDA PTA STATE OFFICE FOR APPROVAL every three (3) years.  Be sure that all the blanks are filled in.  KEEP YOUR BYLAWS SIMPLE.  You do not want them to be so specific that they keep you from operating.
  • Amendments to local PTA bylaws require a 2/3 vote of the members present and voting at a general meeting provided the quorum is present and a 30-day notice has been given of the proposed changes.  The original amended bylaws are then forwarded to the Florida PTA State Office for approval.
  • Revised bylaws or amendments become effective upon receipt of an approved copy from the state office.
  • The updated PDF fillable bylaws form can be found here.