Gift Cards

After further review, in consultation with National PTA and several CPA’s, Florida PTA will approve local units and county councils to purchase gift cards.

With this new determination, Gift Cards may be purchased with PTA Funds for incentives, etc., to benefit members, volunteers, teachers and students, using the following guidelines:

-The amount to any individual cannot exceed $25 per gift card (certificate, etc.);

-The amount to any individual can only be twice during each fiscal year;

-Financial controls must be in place, prior to purchasing, to monitor the purchase and distribution.

– Include in board meeting minutes the purchase of gift card(s), including reason, etc.


1] receipt of purchase provided or

2] Electronic funds transfer approved in advance

Copy the back of each gift card which reflects its number (can have more than one gift card on a page).

Write on the copy who the gift card was distributed to and by who:

TO: Jane Smith via teacher mailbox 07-27-2020 by John Doe for Teacher Welcome back

​TO: Nick Mazz via hand delivery 05-04-2021 for Art Logo contest by Joy Shaw​


Raffles/Drawings of Chance – the Florida Department of Education/Florida Statutes rules on Raffles/Drawings of Chance are attached (from the Florida PTA Kit of Materials – Dollar$ and $en$e).

Raffles and Games of Chance