National PTA Stands With LGBTQ Community


 ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Dec. 5, 2022)—The following statement can be attributed to National PTA President Anna King:

“The LGBTQ community has been subjected to hate violence and rhetoric in recent years, including the recent shooting in Colorado Springs. Within this climate of hostility, one in six LGBTQ youth report being physically assaulted because of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. And LGBTQ students are two to four times more likely to commit suicide than their non-LGBTQ peers. LGBTQ students are also more likely than their peers to be bullied, feel unsafe in school and skip school due to safety concerns.

“National PTA stands with the LGBTQ community and denounces all hate violence and rhetoric in our country. Acts of hate have a profound effect on the communities impacted, and our nation must do better.

“PTA has long believed that every child deserves to go to school excited to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, and every person deserves to go out in society without the fear of bullying, violence or discrimination. It is urgent that we understand, value and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals and appreciate that each contributes a diversity of views, experiences, preferences, cultural heritage/traditions, skills/abilities and values that enrich and strengthen our nation. And it is critical that we rise to correct the inequities and injustices that permeate the United States.

“PTA has taken a stand and pushed for policies and protections for LGBTQ youth. We have also educated and empowered parents and families to help build safe and inclusive environments for all children. Our association remains committed to advocating for and supporting policies and programs that create a climate of acceptance and inclusion and ensure LGBTQ youth have every opportunity to thrive at school, at home and in their communities.

“We can eliminate social injustices and build a better nation for our children’s future when we respect differences and unite as communities, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, culture, skin color, language or ability. This is more important than ever.”

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