I’m a firm believer that everyone is a public speaker. Everyone has the ability to talk about what is important to them. Just watch a proud father describe how his daughter is progressing in her reading, especially if it’s “above grade level”. Or listen to a grandmother talk about her grandson’s winning touchdown against the “top ranked team”. They may not even understand why those phrases are important, but they know the pride they feel. They recognize that feeling of untapped potential and future accomplishment. That is what I feel when I talk about you.

I want each of you to feel that pride in this association. To feel that potential you possess. To look back at your achievements and to yearn to do more. PTA is not just a hobby to some. It’s a cause. It’s an instrument of change…a means to make things better for children and families in our community. I’m never at a lack of words when I talk about you. I’m filled with pride when I see your postings about backpack drives, clothes closets, family reading nights and donuts with dads. I know you’re making a difference. The more we share our stories and ideas, the more people will hear about the value of PTA and want to belong. Someone shared their story with you. Who will you share your story with today?

Membership is not just a one month campaign, or a slogan, or a contest for numbers. It represents the number of people who value what we value. The number of people we have shared our passion with. If you’ve never shared your PTA story, start by sharing it with me. I’d love to know why you do what you do. If you can tell me, well, that’s one down and who knows how many more to go!

Let’s make history!