Florida PTA 90/90 Advocacy Campaign
Charter Club Members

This year Florida PTA Celebrates 90 Years of Advocacy! Congratulations to those whom became a part of Florida PTA's history by becoming members of the Florida PTA 90/90 Advocacy Charter Club, helping us celebrate the 90 years of advocacy!
  90 Advocacy

Your name will be permanently on display at the State Office in Orlando, as well as in promotional materials, including Facebook, our website and e-newsletters.  Donations were made by individuals, local units, county councils and businesses to become a part of or honor others becoming a member of our 90/90 Florida PTA Advocacy Club! 

Thank you to the millions of PTA members throughout the state of Florida, beginning in the early years 1921, through our charter in 1923 to today. Thank you to our leaders who have given of their time and talents to continue advocacy efforts on behalf of all children.

Advocates PTA  Dr. Freeman Wyche
Advocates PTA Advocates PTA
Elinor Adler Elinor Adler 
John Aleman Dr. Alice Quarles 
Kathleen Amann Kathleen Amann 
Ron Atapattu ShipOCI.com 
Renee Bachrach Quiet Waters Elementary PTA 
Catherine Bonacci Cat Bonacci 
Karin Brown Karin Brown, FPTA President 2008-2010
Denise Brunton Sheila Jarsonbeck 
Laurie Busey Valleyview Elementary PTA 
Annalisa Claps Winston Park K8 Center PTSA 2012-2013 
Curtis Cobb Curtis J & Jorian Cobb
Rebecca Cohen Rebecca Cohen
Wendy Corso Ruud Wendy Corso Ruud 
Nancy Cox Nancy Cox, President 2004-2006 
Stacey Cox Dommerich Elementary School PTA 
Kathi Cuesta Sunset Palms Elementary PTA 
Cathy Cullen East Lake Elementary PTA 
Cathy Cullen Jacqueline Maddron 
Cathy Cullen Cathy Cullen
Charles Derexson Charles Derexson, FPTA President 2012
Jennifer Dietz Volusia County Council PTA 
Jenny Dyess Jenny Dyess
Cindy Ehrenzeller Cindy Ehrenzeller 
Christina Enkey Pleasant Grove Elementary PTA 
J.D. Floyd Elementary PTA J.D. Floyd Elementary PTA
Escambia County Co PTA In Memory of Kathie Laskey
Enrique Escallon Enrique Escallon
Amanda Fragale Chapel Trail Elementary PTA 
Barbara Fried Barbara Fried
Michael Friedman Michael Friedman, Former FL Representative 
Yvonne Fry Yvonne Fry 
Florida PTA Board Florida PTA Board of Directors 2012-2014
Florida PTA Staff Annette, Bruce, Lorri, Ginger, Jean
Terry & Gaspar Garcia Melinda Cunningham
Cindy Gerhardt Cindy Gerhardt 
Mike Giusto All the wonderful, teachers and staff at South Daytona Elementary
Mindy Gould Mindy Gould 
Latasha Green-Cobb Jeff & Barbara Green
Craig Gustafson Space Walk of Jacksonville 
Mindy Haas Haas family 
Vickie Hamby Vickie K. Hamby 
Hernando County Co PTA Hernando County Council PTA
Patty Hightower Patty Hightower, FPTA President 2000-2002 
Hillsborough County C PTA Hillsborough County Council of PTA/PTSAs
Jean Hovey Jean Hovey, FPTA President 2010-2012 
Merle Kaplan Eileen Segal, President 
Melissa Kicklighter Duval County Council PTA
Melissa Kicklighter Melissa Kicklighter 
Allen Kilpatrick Allen Kilpatrick Jr. 
Becky Kobrowski-Cohen Becky Kobrowski-Cohen 
Latha Krishnaiyer Latha Krishnaiyer, FPTA President 1998-2000 
Janet Lamoureux Janet Lamoureux
James Lee James Lee/SOS Fundraiser 
Carol & Jim Levenson Our daughter, President Eileen Segal
Maxine Lewers Maxine Lewers
DelPrado Elementary PTA Gay Gordon 
Lori Lunitz Julia Landon College Preparatory PTSA 
Kay Luzier Kay Luzier, FPTA President 1992-1994
Gretchen Lynch Betty Marty 
Eric Marshall Go Green Charity Recyclers 
Hidden Oaks Elementary PTA Hidden Oaks Elementary PTA
Carla Mast Carla Mast 
Patricia McDougle Boca Raton Community High School PTSA 
Joan McLendon Heathrow Elementary PTA 
Laurie Mindlin Laurie Mindlin 
Joanne Moniger Dr. David Samore, Principal - Okeeheelee MS 
Lyn Monnette Discovery Key Elementary PTA 
Linda Nestor Linda Nestor 
Faye Norris Faye Norris 
Tina O'Brien Tina O'Brien/Sandalwood PTSA President 
Orange County Co PTA Orange County Council of PTA 
Marge Okasako Marge Okasako, FPTA President 1984-1986 
Palm Beach Co Council PTA Palm Beach County Council of PTA/PTSA 
Kendra Palumbo Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Palumbo and Family 
Pennie Sempel Pennie Sempel & Company
Heather Post The Etiquette Seed 
Jessica Pullum Blankner School PTSA, Polly Roper, Principal 
Graham Rabinowitsch Graham Ives Rabinowitsch 
Ryan Raffa Judy Boll 
Roland Park K-8 Scshool PTSA Angela Haskins
Ashley Sarver Ashley Sarver 
Debbie Sawa Szostak Debbie Sawa Szostak 
Eileen Segal Eileen Segal, FPTA President 2012-2014 
Jeremy Segal Eileen Segal 
Richard Segal Eileen L. Segal 
William J Segal Eileen & William Segal 
Seminole County Co PTA Patty Novak
Kay Stagray Mary Ann Mahoney
Ellen And Mark Starkman Ellen and Mark Starkman 
Dawn Steward Dawn T. Steward 
Debbie Stotts Debbie Stotts 
Debbie Stotts Memory of Maureen Flynn 
Jessica Summers Pinellas County Council PTA 
Sunshine State PTSA Sunshine State PTSA
Enrique "kiki" Sznapstajler Sarah J. Sznapstajler 
Anne Thompson Anne Thompson, FPTA President 1994-1996 
Sandy Traeger Sandy Traeger, FPTA President 1996-1998 
Sharon Watson In Honor of All MDCCPTA Past Presidents 
Susan Walton Susan Walton
Miami-Dade County Co PTA Miami-Dade County Council PTA 
Michelle Whitt Colleen Bevis Elementary PTA 

Remembering our past....looking to our future.....90/90 Years of Advocacy -
Why PTA?  Because our children matter!              

Sunshine State PTSA


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