1921-22 * Mrs. James A. Craig, Jacksonville, Acting
1922-24 * Mrs. F. E. Godfrey, Orlando
1924-25 * Mrs. L. M. Anderson, Tampa
1925-26 * Mrs. Mary Leary, Deland
1926-30 * Mrs. A. F. Fanger, Jacksonville, Hialeah
1926-33 * Mrs. Mary W. Blocker, Jacksonville FSCPT
1930-32 * Mrs. H. B. Hutchinson, Tampa
1932-33 * Mrs. Howard Selby, West Palm Beach
1933-34 * Mrs. Malcolm McClellan, Jacksonville
1933-40 * Mrs. Bessie Baker, Jacksonville FSCPT
1934-35 * Mrs. Sumner W. Covey, Daytona Beach
1935-38 * Mrs. Clinton F. Parvin, Manatee
1938-40 * Mrs. Malcolm McClellan, Jacksonville
1940-43 * Mrs. L. H. Gibbs, Orlando
1940-46 * Mrs. Sadye E. Pryor, Pensacole FSCPT
1943-46 * Mrs. Walter H. Beckham, Miami
1946-49 * Mrs. Charles Pearson, Tampa
1946-50 * Mrs. Mayme Williams, Miami FSCPT (NCCPT President 1953-57)
1949-52 * Mrs. Edith McBride Cameron, Gainesville
1950-54 * Mrs. Elizabeth Espy, Miami FSCPT
1952-55 * Mrs. Elizabeth Clyde Johnson, Pensacola
1954-58 * Mrs. Dorcas Sanders, St. Augustine FSCPT
1955-58 * Mrs. Myron R. Blee, Tallahassee
1958-60 * Mrs. W. L. Mussett, Miami
1958-62 * Mrs. C. W. Johnson, Tampa
1960-62 * Walter K. Harper, Jacksonville, FSCPT
1962-64 * Mrs. Howard M. Weenick, St. Petersburg
1962-66 * Arnett Osgood, Jr., Palatka FSCPT
1964-66 * Mrs. Nathan S. Rubin, Pensacola
1966-68 * Mrs. G. L. Barnard, Prescott, Arizona
1968-70 * Mrs. Wayne Bevis, Tampa
1970-72 * Mrs. J. H. Johansen, Miami
1970-74   Mrs. Robert Blackburn, Jacksonville
1974-76 * Mrs. Troy A. Chapin, Jr., Tampa
1976-78 * Mrs. E. Clayton Register, Jr., Clearwater
1978-80 * Mrs. Pete House, Jacksonville
1980-82   Mrs. Perry O. Keene, Jr., Tampa
1982-84   Mrs. James E. Bounds, Orlando
1984-86   Mrs. Edward Okasako, Hialeah
1986-88 * Mrs. Richard DiGiandomenico, Jacksonville
1988-90 * Mrs. Lawson E. Thomas, Miami
1990-92   Mrs. Dan Laymon, Ft. Myers
1992-94   Mrs. Kay Luzier, Port Orange
1994-96   Mrs. Anne Thompson, Miami
1996-98   Mrs. Sandy Traeger, Winter Springs
1998-00   Mrs. Latha Krishnaiyer, Coral Springs
2000-02   Mrs. Patty Hightower, Pensacola
2002-04   Mrs. Pat Lancaster, Inverness
2004-06   Mrs. Nancy Cox, Longwood
2006-08   Mrs. Lenelle Cruse, Jacksonville
2008-10   Mrs. Karin Brown, Miami
2010-12   Mrs. Jean Hovey, Winter Springs
2012-12   Mr. Charles Derexson, Pinellas Park
2012-14   Mrs. Eileen Segal, N. Miami Beach
2014-16 Mrs. Mindy Haas, Boca Raton

2016-18 Mrs. Cindy Gerhardt, Pensacola


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